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BIM LOD 400 Federated Model for the Largest Eye Hospital, Egypt

BIM LOD 400 Federated Model for the Largest Eye Hospital, Egypt Banner

Client Profile

One of the largest construction companies in the MENA region


An Egypt based Construction Company, operating out of 15 countries, needed Revit models for constructing a new eye hospital spread over an area of 5 million sq. ft. with detailed BOQ and life cycle assessment. They required an LOD 400 As-built model using 2D CAD drawings and actual photographs provided as inputs, for all the architectural and structural components.


Autodesk Revit, COBie

Business Needs.

  • Use real-estate more efficiently.
  • Accurate quantities of required material & elements.
  • Specify the content and scope of electronic as-built record deliverables.


  • Architectural drawings of inconsistent quality.
  • Missing details in the drawings.
  • Incorporating landscape elements like planters, curbs, wave walls, fountains, hardscape, soft scape, steps, etc. into the model.


Engineers at Hitech delivered a federated model consisting of individual discipline-specific architecture, structure and MEP models basis the drawings received in form of pdf files. We successfully detected all the inter-disciplinary clashes and resolved them, and also generated detailed BOQ, and construction schedules to help the client with life cycle assessment of the hospital.

LOD 300 Hospital Construction




Client Speaks.

We as a construction company learned a lot from Hitech about taking BIM design to field installation and building trust in documents. We learnt how design teams and trade contractors can work together to produce single-model workflow from early design across fabrication / installation.

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