Data Capture Trends in the Age of Hyperautomation and Smart Factories

Data Capture Trends in the Age of Hyperautomation and Smart Factories
Key data capture trends in the age of Hyperautomation and smart factories include intelligent data capture, IoT and big data integration, AI and machine learning integration, continuous intelligence, Change Data Capture, and smarter metadata. These trends are transforming data capture, making it faster, more efficient, and capable of handling unstructured data. Our paper takes a look at these data capture trends.

Key takeaways:

  • Current data capture trends are driven by Hyperautomation, smart data capture, IoT integration, AI-driven capture, and machine learning.
  • Selecting the correct data capture solution is crucial, considering factors like AI capabilities, seamless integration, and vendor reliability.
  • Expect increased real-time data capture, IIoT adoption in manufacturing, and continued growth of automated data capture in smart factories and beyond.

The future includes increased real-time data capture in manufacturing with IIoT and greater adoption of cloud technology. There’s no going back, as Industry 4.0 relies on the widespread adoption of AI, ML, and robotic process automation. From effective data integration and connectivity between these systems, to leveraging AI and ML with cognitive data capture, all depend on implementing data capture automation.

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