Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence

Resource utilization solution increased productivity by 20% while minimizing order delays for a Hong Kong based print production company.

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Service Overview.

Does your machine data rest in silos across the shop floor? Does fragmented data dilute your visibility across the production process, impeding informed decisions? Are you stuck with unpredictable down times, nonproductive resources and lack of agility?

Our scalable and customized IoT framework creates a data-driven connected shop floor offering integrated real time visibility into every machine, people or process related KPI across your plant. Rich interactive dashboards and smart alerts offer multiple visualization options and right information to right user at right time.

A well-coordinated blend of manual and automatic data processing workflows ensure that voluminous and chaotic data from across your organization is cleansed, standardized and validated before moving into the analytics funnel.

Real-time Shopfloor Visibility

Seamlessly connect processes and machines for an integrated view of shop floor data for greater control, intelligent insights and improved operations.

Higher Equipment Efficiency

Measure and track equipment performance in real-time to reduce machine downtime and production losses through predictive and timely machine maintenance.

Intuitive Dashboards & Alerts

Customizable real-time dashboards, notifications and alerts allow 360 degree user-focused view of manufacturing operations and enable timely action.

Enhanced Product Quality

Decrease scrap rates, product rework, and defects through timely detection of flaws in the production line aided by alerts and recommendations for corrective measures.

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Asset Performance Management.

Our IoT enabled devices collect data in real-time from sensors for continuous health monitoring of machine-related conditions such as vibration, acoustic, temperature, pressure and corrosion.

Our service offerings:

  • Detect hidden factors affecting equipment health: Analyze key indicators for decreasing performance and upcoming repair or failure.
  • Prevent production losses: Send real time alerts of anomalous behavior with recommendations to prevent tool/machine failure.
  • Optimize plant uptime:Generate insights to enable just-in-time maintenance and first call resolution to ensure higher uptime, productivity and quality.
  • Improve machine maintenance management: Enhance decision-making efficiency regarding machine spare parts, inventory management and supplier/vendor/OEMs.

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Hitech’s solution has worked wonders for regularizing our energy consumption and allowing us to explore dynamic cost-based pricing models. Definitely a go-to solution for asset monitoring.

– Divyesh Patel, Director, Harambha Steel

OEE Monitoring.

Our intelligent IoT devices collect data in real-time from shop floor and track work-in-progress and OEE to improve on uptime, performance and quality at a granular level.

Our service offerings:

  • Real-time monitoring of processes or work center efficiency: Get real-time visibility of product quality count, cycle time, machine errors and process status across customer orders.
  • Minimize delays and production losses: Measure production KPIs for customer orders; provide real-time actionable insights for improvement.
  • End-to-end traceability: Track and trace your assets; get visibility across value chain from raw material to finish products.
  • Lean operations: Identify production wastage that affects optimum cycle and lead time, operator efficiency, quality, etc. across products.
  • Functional collaboration: Informed decisions to improve plant performance across functions such as Production, Planning, Quality etc.

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You give us confidence and keep us updated on progress. Very satisfied with Phase 1 and look forward to working with you on future phases.

– Project Team Leader, Manufacturers of Purge and Pressurization Systems, UK

Production Scheduling.

Our production scheduling services help you plan, produce, schedule and dispatch products, optimizing inventory and cost and ensuring timely deliveries.

Our service offerings:

  • Set finite scheduling within capacity constraint: Eliminate major cost and time conflicts arising due to workforce constraints and material availability. Optimize manufacturing, production and utilization with timely deliveries, shorter lead times and maximized plant floor throughput.
  • Improve Materials Requirement Planning (MRP): Analyze and determine proper availability and scheduling of raw material, equipment, and resources. Maintain lean inventory and forecast demands.
  • Schedule calculation with “What If’ analysis: Calculate timelines for prospective sales orders based on shop floor conditions. Account for multiple production scenarios and impact of changes in material, labor and tools.

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Excellent to work with, highly proactive and meets all deadlines. Very good at communicating.

– Architectural Engineer, Aged care, Retirement Village Operators, New Zealand

Quality Management.

Our industry 4.0 enabled quality management solutions enable real-time visibility across plant processes to improve product quality, enhance customer experience, reduce cost of produce and meet compliance requirements.

Our service offerings:

  • Real-time process visibility: Visualize quality metrics and control charts like first pass yield, defects, reject ratio and operator efficiency to enhance product quality.
  • Quality alerts:: Set alerts for every kind of anomaly detected; accelerate quality actions and issue investigations.
  • Insights and analysis: Real-time production quality data and trends aggregated and translated into predictive algorithms to enhance quality control.
  • AI quality modeling and simulation: Leverage root cause and what –if analysis simulation with predictive AI driven quality insights on how to make product first time right.

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My positive experience with Hitech is unbroken and I look forward to keep going with this outstanding company for many years to come.

– Founder & Owner, Architectural and Planning Firm, USA

Workforce Analytics.

Our systems collect workforce data in real-time from sources like time and attendance records, machines, HMI and payroll; monitor key metrics; and take remedial steps to enhance productivity and manpower utilization.

Our service offerings:

  • Increase operator utilization and performance: Measure each worker utilization per customer, work order, machine, and process along with skills sets to make them efficient.
  • Discover hidden causes affecting throughput and quality: Get fact-driven insights into performance differentials across operators across shifts, products and orders to enable continuous process improvement.
  • Improve performance evaluation and operations management: Gain insights on quality, customer complaints, labor hours per shift, overtime and competencies for right resource mapping, training and promotions.
  • Enhance manufacturing performance and customer satisfaction: Correlate labor metrics with metrics such as OEE, lead time, order adherence, etc. to generate higher operational efficiency.

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The people are Hitech have greater focus on key deliverables to optimize quality of work, productivity and delivery schedules with resource and software available.

– Operations Manager, Lifts Manufacturing Firm, UK

Satisfied Customers.

80% recurring clients and partnerships with industry leaders reflect our commitment to customers – their growth, their satisfaction.

3,100+ Satisfied Clients
50+ Countries Served
5,000+ Projects Completed
1,000+ Professionals

Service Leadership.

Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal represents Hitech in North America, and helps client and home teams collaborate effectively on projects and partnership initiatives.

Milind Patel

Milind heads the Engineering Consulting division. He focuses on continuous process improvements, team development, and smooth delivery on client KPIs.

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