Production Tracking and Shop Floor Visibility

Drive operational excellence with a data-driven shop floor

Experience the power of real-time visibility as you seamlessly track and trace resources, machines, and jobs in real-time – across every stage- to optimize output. Our cutting-edge shop floor tracking solution gives you total control over your shop floor activities with a smart, user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Elevate your metal and millwork production shop floor to new heights. Harness the power of a connected shop floor to drive data-backed decisions.

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Take control of your production tracking. Get intelligent insights and 360-degree visibility.

Drive manufacturing excellence. Respond effectively and on time to red flags with consistent and data-driven insights.

Leverage our powerful shop floor monitoring solution to drive excellence in custom millwork or complex metal fabrication. Do away with the complexities of queue management. Optimize production, cut costs and streamline workflows. Gain invaluable insights into machine occupancy for uninterrupted operations.

Continuously monitor critical KPIs for analyzing root cause and proactively identify trouble spots to ensure seamless and quality production.

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Supercharge operations with production tracking solutions

Multiple functionalities. Designed for every business needs.

Enhance production workflows and queue management

  • Intuitive and user-friendly Kanban view of daily production schedules
  • Access to information on live orders to improve focus and sequence management
  • Graphic icons on order cards to prioritize and channelize orders
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Enhance production workflows and queue management

Boost shop floor efficiency

  • Order-level start-stop timers to analyze productivity insights across workstations
  • Automated progress alerts and notification for delays in schedules
  • Interactive dashboards and drill down reports to monitor shop floor KPIs
  • Time tracking for root cause analysis and resolution
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Boost shop floor efficiency

Amplify cross functional collaboration & flexibility

  • Instantaneous flagging of issues within the system to alert relevant stakeholders
  • Proactive updates to sales team and customers about unexpected delays
  • Real time critical path analysis to track and manage dependencies
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Amplify cross functional collaboration & flexibility

Reduce costs of risk management & improve compliance

  • Single platform for all sales, engineering, and production documents
  • Comprehensive order tracking with complete communication trail
  • Structured quality logs to identify, analyze and report the root cause of issues
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Reduce costs of risk management & improve compliance

Shop Floor Tracking and Visibility Process

Drive manufacturing excellence with customizable & configurable MES Modules

Shop Floor Tracking and Visibility Process

Unleash the power of real-time insights

Eliminate blind spots with our advanced shop floor tracking solutions.

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