Hitech i2i - Manufacturing Execution System

Production Planning and Scheduling Software

Plan smart. Schedule intelligently. Deliver on-time.

Optimize your manufacturing operations with Hitech i2i’s advanced scheduling software. Experience the power of constraints-based, precision-driven, and streamlined production schedules that will take your production efficiency to new heights.

Automate and elevate your production workflows. Seamlessly deliver superior quality products faster than ever before, while maximizing capacity and optimizing your valuable assets.

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Unlock production efficiencies. End-to-end scheduling capabilities in a single, powerful solution.

Supercharge your production efficiency and drive profitability with intelligent scheduling software for millworkers and metal fabricators.

Break free of the challenges of manual planning and scheduling in millwork manufacturing and metal fabrication. Our powerful production planning and scheduling solution revolutionizes your operations, eliminates bottlenecks and drives profitability. From accurate schedules to efficient resource allocation, Hitech i2i transforms missed deadlines into on-time deliveries.

Experience streamlined processes, amplified productivity, and sustained growth with our advanced scheduling solution.

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Supercharge operations with Hitech i2i’s planning and scheduling capabilities

Multiple functionalities. Designed for every business need.

Fast-track order allocation & routing

  • Multi-level BOMs supported by breakdown of complex production orders
  • Digital library of configurable and logical workflows for shop floor routing
  • Auto-routed subassemblies and orders across shop floor
  • Logic-driven order allocation to different plants and locations
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Fast-track order allocation & routing

Optimize capacity & resource utilization

  • HR system integration to track operator availability
  • Planned machine maintenance to avoid production hiccups
  • Order-wise granular schedule across assets and variables
  • Auto-updated schedules to reflect changes and dependencies
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Optimize capacity & resource utilization

Minimize production bottlenecks at every stage efficiently

  • Visualization of ‘what-if’ scenarios to adapt to fluctuating production variables
  • Resource idle time tracking to maximize capacity utilization
  • Visual drag and drop of order priority to assess impact on production and delivery timelines
  • Assessment of timeline impact based on alternate material availability and usage
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Minimize production bottlenecks at every stage efficiently

Deliver on-time, every time

  • Order queue based on priority, delivery schedules, and resource availability
  • Configurable algorithms for forward and backward scheduling
  • Auto-scheduling based on real-time resource availability and lead time
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Deliver on-time, every time

Production Planning & Scheduling Process

Drive manufacturing excellence with Hitech i2i’s customizable & configurable modules.

Production Planning and Scheduling Process

Leverage the power of intelligent workflows

Drive production efficiency with smart production planning & scheduling solution today.

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