Inventory Management System

Smart inventory planning and allocation

Take the guesswork out of demand forecasting. Optimize inventory costs with real-time visibility into stock availability, stock fulfillment and order-wise consumption against planned budget. Stay lean and eliminate production bottlenecks with effective purchase order management and meticulous material planning.

Transform your approach to inventory management. Make informed decisions with precise, up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips for continuous growth.

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Take control of your inventory. Elevate stock management with real-time visibility.

Get granular, accurate and real-time insights into your inventory to optimize material allocation for priority orders.

Whether you’re dealing with raw materials, work-in-progress orders, or finished goods, track and trace every material movement across warehouses. Ensure optimal stock levels and implement a robust system to locate and replace defective materials through our state-of-the-art inventory management system. Never lose sight of crucial individual components amid extensive inventory of products and raw materials.

Establish lean manufacturing practices by effectively managing stock-outs, overstocking, and compliance issues for your custom manufacturing shop. Streamline your operations and achieve lean manufacturing excellence.

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Supercharge operations with inventory management systems

Multiple functionalities. Designed for every business need.

Operate lean with optimized inventory levels

  • Historic trends and market patterns to accurately forecast inventory demand
  • Quantity and lead-time tracking to plan material requirement
  • Alerts on low stock to trigger PO generation for stock reordering
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Operate lean with optimized inventory levels

Digitally track and trace material movement

  • Automated raw material inward/outward using barcodes and RFIDs
  • Multi-level, multi-location inventory tracking
  • Order-wise allocation of BOMs and managing of material
  • Generation of labels for tracking raw material consumption
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Digitally track and trace material movement

Manage inventory efficiently with real-time visibility

  • Real-time, holistic view of inventory data to maintain production flexibility
  • Unified view of material hierarchy for BOM substitutes
  • Dynamic status update of inventory for reprioritized orders
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Manage inventory efficiently with real-time visibility

Control your inventory costs

  • Visibility into budgeted vs. actual cost of material consumed per order
  • Match inventory consumption and purchases against sales orders received
  • Periodic inventory cycle counting to optimize buffer stock and carrying costs
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Control your inventory costs

Inventory Management Process

Drive manufacturing excellence with customizable & configurable MES Modules

Inventory Management Process

Stay lean. Stay ahead of demand

Avoid hiccups in stock availability with smart inventory management solutions.

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