7 key questions to ask before implementing an MES for job shop owners

7 key questions to ask before implementing an MES for job shop owners
Implementing a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can revolutionize your operations and skyrocket productivity for manufacturers.

Deciding whether to implement an MES or not, presents numerous challenges for small and medium-sized manufacturers. These include a significant investment of time and resources. Your shop floor processes may also see a radical change.

Is your job shop ready for this change management? Are you willing to make that investment into increasing operational efficiencies? How ready are you to take that big transformational leap towards manufacturing excellence?

To enable your decision-making, we present a guide with seven key questions to help you evaluate the current operational maturity of your job shop. The assessment will be pivotal in supporting your decision in favour of, or against an MES implementation.

The guide helps you understand the maturity of your job shop on the following aspects:

  • Production performance status
  • Processes and protocols
  • Data handling methods
  • Process agility

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