Seismic qualification of Industrial racks holding Computing Stations

Seismic qualification of Industrial racks holding Computing Stations Banner

Client Profile.

Industrial rack manufacturer, the U.K.
Industry: Computer Peripherals Industrial Equipment Manufacturing


An industrial rack manufacturer approached HitechDigital engineers and FEA specialist team to evaluate the structural integrity of designs for racks before manufacturing. Seismic qualifications of the frame was done for Bellcore zone 4 requirements and results showed that the designs maintained the integrity for carrying designed load under the effect of seismic vibrations.

Business Needs

  • Evaluate structural integrity of frame designs for seismic as well as static loading.
  • Study performance characteristics of rack system under various seismic conditions.
  • Carry out modal analysis for working with boundary conditions.


  • Perform Seismic Analysis in Ansys as per the applicable Seismic Specifications provided by Client.
  • The new designed racks are manufactured with objective of market competition, optimum weight and more volume for the storage. Such designs need to be evaluated for critical situations.
  • In case the design is susceptible to seismic loading then it is to be redesign and revaluate to qualify as per applicable compliance.
Seismic Analysis of Industrial Racks

HitechDigital’s Solution

A 3D model of the Industrial PC Rack was developed to perform finite element analysis. The analysis supported in determining the structural integrity and performance characteristics of the Industrial Rack System under different seismic loading conditions.

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