CFD Simulation and Thermal Analysis helped an airport developer ensure thermal comfort levels as per ASHRAE requirements

CFD Simulation and Thermal Analysis helped an airport developer ensure thermal comfort levels as per ASHRAE requirements Banner

Client Profile.

An airport developer and operator for over 20 years, a company that has developed one of the largest terminals in the world.

Business Needs.

The company was adding an international airport facility to an existing domestic airport, and sought to prevent thermal comfort issues at the new building. The client was looking to partner with a firm of Computer-Aided Engineering specialists for the following services

  • CFD Consulting (simulations and thermal analysis) to predict the airflow and temperature and thermal comfort levels across the airport from entrance, shopping areas, food courts, to offices, security, check in, etc.
  • Verifying compliance with ASHRAE design recommendations for airports.


Complex geometry, varied design characteristics and capacities of different airport areas
This demanded a team with domain knowledge to quickly understand the complexities involved with HVAC designs for airports and the expertise in engineering analysis of projects of scale.

A wide range of factors affecting thermal conditions
A huge number of factors could possibly affect thermal conditions of the airport – external factors, internal HVAC systems, structural factors, human factors, etc.

Varying heat loads at different locations
Heat / temperature variations caused by equipment and presence of people, which differed across and within areas such as food courts, waiting lounges, entrance, etc.


Developed models and technical documents to be used for simulations and analysis

  • CAD model in SOLIDWORKS.
  • Heat load inputs, HVAC operating conditions, etc.

Developed simulation studies to predict temperature and air flow

  • CFD thermal analysis using ANSYS Fluent.
  • Simulated various design scenarios to predict velocity and temperature profiles.
  • Verification of compliance with ASHRAE standards.

In-depth Report on thermal analysis

For improving thermal conditions across areas in the international airport

Market Trend Analysis Process



Standards / Compliance


CFD Analysis of International Airport Building


HitechDigital gathered a team of CAE experts who had already executed a similar project. They also studied a lot of literature on thermal analysis for airport terminals to get deeper insights into effectively delivering the project.

Prepared a CFD consulting approach, studying project documents, understanding ASHRAE compliance requirements, preparing models and technical documents for analysis accordingly.

Conducted simulations for different areas of the airport for multiple scenarios considering environmental factors (solar gains, heat loses and gains, mean radiant temperature, relative humidity, air movement, etc.) and human factors (i.e. thermal heat from anticipated presence of individuals in different areas such as clothing insulation and metabolic rate).

Prepared an exhaustive report including verifications and recommendations for maintaining temperature and thermal comfort levels as per ASHRAE standards.

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