PDF Conversion of DOI and Summaries into XML for an IT Company in NY, USA

PDF Conversion of DOI and Summaries into XML for an IT Company in NY, USA Banner

Client Profile.

Leading software developers, New York, USA
Industry: IT/ Software


Converting DOI documents and summaries in PDF format, to XML for human-reading and machine reading, and for use in the web service as and when required.

The Solution.

Designed & developed a workflow to ensure flawless keying in of data into word files, followed with flawless process of XML tagging and multi-layered quality check for converting PDF files to XML as per client specifications.


MS Word, XML Oxygen Editor and Mozilla Firefox

PDF Conversion of DOI and Summaries into XML



Value Addition.

Keeping up with ever evolving technological demands, of our clients and for our clients, we consistently upgrade systems, processes and skills of our employees; to ensure that our data conversion solutions are the ones with latest technological adoptions, to assist our clients to stay competitive.

The Solution.

Client was given the option to shortlist and selects 50 data entry operators from our pool of talented professionals. Upon selecting the most skilled experts, an workflow was discussed, designed and developed for uninterrupted keying in of data from pdf files, quality check of keyed data, XML tagging, XML validation, and of course the auditing process.

Steps that were followed for DOI in PDF to xml conversion:

Quality Control Process that was adhered to:

Quality Control checklist that was adhered to by the QC Team:

  • Check Case Name 4 times [In XML File Tags:- <Descrpition>, <CASENAME>, <HEADLINE>, <HEADLINE>].
  • Check Page Number and Colum No. [in XML File Tags:- <PAGENUMBER>, <COLUMNNUMBER>].
  • Check Issue No. and Volume Number [In XML File Tag:- <ISSUENUMBER>].
  • Check Date in XML File [In XML File Tag:-<PUBDATE>].
  • Check Judge Name 3 times [In XML File Tag:- <JUDGES> ].
  • Check Court [In XML File Tag:- <COURT>].
  • Check Practice Area [In XML File Tag:-<PRACTICEAREA>].
  • Check First Line of <ABSTRACT> in File.
  • Check Summary Body in <SUMMARYBODY> XML File.
  • Check Paragraph Indent in XML File.
  • Check Italics in XML File.
  • Check Superscript for Footnotes in XML File.
  • Check Paragraph Starting and End Tagsadd XML tags in the data files.


PDF to XML for an IT Company
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