Online CAPTCHA Entry for US Based Leading Organization

Online CAPTCHA Entry for US Based Leading Organization Banner

Client Profile.

Online PDF Retrieval Service Provider, USA
Industry: BPO


Key in 200,000 CAPTCHA details, daily through a web-based application, within a stipulated time frame.

The Solution.

An expert team of data entry professionals were assigned to type CAPTCHA characters accurately and promptly for qualitative deliverables.


  • We used to receive massive amount of CAPTCHA records, so maintaining utmost accuracy was a real big challenge.
  • Few of the images were not readable; not we had to be extremely keen to make sure incorrect CAPTCHA is not entered.
  • To ensure login session does not expire; we need to type a word every minute or so.


  • CAPTCHA data entry augmented the speed of business activities; helping the client to focus on their core competencies.
  • With a team of dedicated professionals we entered 200,000 CAPTCHAs on daily basis, fulfilling the client’s requirement.
  • It proved to a very cost-effective solution.
  • Accurate quality within Quickest turnaround time.
Online CAPTCHA Entry

The Solution.

The project consisted of accurate capturing and keying CAPTCHA data, through a web-based application.

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