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Data Entry of Defense Budget Data from “International Defense Briefing” for a Consulting Firm in Köln, Germany

Data Entry of Defense Budget Data from “International Defense Briefing” for a Consulting Firm in Köln, Germany Banner

Client Profile.

Global Management Consulting Firm, Köln, Germany
Industry: Management Consulting


Data entry of defense budget data from the “International Defense Briefing” documents for 40 different countries in structured excel template, preparing the data for comparative analysis.


Identified data from key fields such as “Defense budget”; “Gross National Product”; “Defense Budget Breakdown by Category” (8 categories); “Defense Procurement by Category” (6 categories); “Defense budget forecast” for past 10 years and enter the data in excel sheets as required by the client for comparative analysis.

Technology / Software.

MS Excel / Adobe PDF


  • Shortlisting and selecting resources with language proficiency, who also understand the severity and intricacies involved in the defense data task from 40 different countries.
  • Identifying key terms from contracts in PDF format, ranging from 5-20 pages, which includes international defense briefing of each of the 40 countries, and entering them accurately in excel worksheets.
  • Increased measures of non-disclosure of details for extracting data from confidential documents.
  • Client emphasized on efficiency of the resource, enhanced.
Data Entry of Defense Budget Data


The Solution.

Value Addition.

Consistent upgrades in our systems, processes and skills, as reciprocation to the ever evolving technological demands, ensure that our offline data entry solutions are the ones with latest technological adoptions to assist our clients to stay competitive.

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