Data Conversion from PDF to XML Files for a Finance Firm in New York, USA

Data Conversion from PDF to XML Files for a Finance Firm in New York, USA Banner

Client Profile.

Leading Providers of Research and Benchmarks, New York, USA
Industry: Financial Services


Converting data available in the PDF files into XML file format.


Flawless keying in of data into word files, and an equally flawless process of XML tagging that followed, the files were converted in the exact manner as the client required.


  • The checklist for XML tagging was long and quite complicated.
  • Manual keying of text from PDF files into MS Word required assigning dedicated and trained resources for a considerable period.
  • Nearly 7-8 full time resources were required for the project that lasted for a span of 20 days
  • The files provided were unclear so it needed great amount of concentration and time to decipher the data and then enter it.


  • With XML files it became easy to use and re-purpose the content for publishing.
  • The output were nearly error free –formatted with perfect precision –and didn’t contained any sort of junk characters.
  • The files delivered were in ready-to-use formats.
Data Conversion from PDF to XML Files

Hi-Tech’s Solution.

Our data conversion team channelize the communication with the client to delivered project within the stipulated timelines. The entire project was executed in a smooth and streamlined manner with multi-tiered quality check processes.

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