Convert PDF Documents to ePub Formats Consistent with IDPF Standards – Ongoing Project

Convert PDF Documents to ePub Formats Consistent with IDPF Standards – Ongoing Project Banner

Client Profile.

Municipal Corporation, Sweden – EU
Industry: Goverment Dept.


Setting up a process to interpret and convert PDF documents including annual reports, master plans, quality reports etc. to ePublishing format, accessible on wide variety of hand held reading devices.

PDF to ePub Conversion Process


Converted 250 plus documents a month to ePub files; through HTML Editor, followed with validation and checking the content using ePub validator and reader. High quality output along with maintaining the easy eReaders navigation and readability and made it available for a wide plethora of formats including Kindle, ePub, ePub3, fixed layout, enhanced, interactive etc.


HTML Editor ePub validator and ePub reader for converting PDF Documents to ePub formats


PDF documents in print format were typically less-structured, causing major challenges for text elements to be displayed in an ePublishing format. Table of content and chapter breaks for easy eReaders navigation and readability was to be maintained.


Value Addition.

To keep up with modern technological demands, of our clients and for our clients, we consistently upgrade our systems and processes to ensure that our ePub Conversion solutions are the ones with latest technological adoptions and help prepare our team and our clients for new challenges.

Hi-Tech’s Solution.

Client was asked to select professionals from a team of experienced and focused conversion specialists, proficient at handling more than 250 documents a month, using HTML/XHTMLeditor, ePub validator and ePub reader.

ePub conversion process was defined, discussed and implemented as:

All documents were audited by quality assurance team before processing the files & then provided to clients with real time status report about number of files in process and the ones already processed.

Documents were then converted to ePub format, to allow access on varied eReading devices and software applications including Adobe Digital Editions, Sony Reader, iphone, ipad and ipod Touch, Bookworm, Stanza (Windows, iPhone, iPod Touch) and many more.

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