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Payment Processing Company, USA
Industry: Payment Processing


Setting up a process of transferring data from all checks to a software/online web application within a stipulated time frame. This is to be followed with verifications of the SLF rejected by the OCR, Payee and the amounts in cash and studs.

The Challenges

  • Emphasizing efficiency and keeping the cost low while offering improved quality as demanded by customers.
  • Planning the batch of data entry experts, well versed with financials of a foreign country.
  • Non unique fonts or font size issues where with both words and numerical.
  • Verify SLF rejected by OCR, payees and amounts in cash as well as studs – simultaneously.
  • Enter the data in the software in a given time frame, with zero errors.
Check Processing for Payment Processing


Ongoing process of handling 150,000 checks per day and verifying SLF ejections, to deliver the project within stipulated timeframe.


Value Addition

Consistent upgrades in our systems, processes and skills, as reciprocation to the ever evolving technological demands, ensure that our data entry solutions are the ones with latest technological adoptions to assist our clients to stay competitive.

Technology / Software

After comprehending client requirements, it was concluded that a web based application, would be used for interpreting & entering data from checks.

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