Ongoing 360 degree profiling of 100,000 companies with CRM Data Cleansing, validation and enrichment with 300+ attributes for targeted marketing campaigns for video communication giant based in California

Sales Intelligence

Ongoing 360 degree profiling of 100,000 companies with CRM Data Cleansing, validation and enrichment with 300+ attributes for targeted marketing campaigns for video communication giant based in California.

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Service Overview.

Despite a team that makes outstanding sales pitches and armored by a ton of sales data, your closures remain low and sales figures do not hit targets. Maybe you are talking to the wrong customers. Maybe your sales data is chaotic and incapable of throwing the right insights or patterns.

Hitech’s smart sales solutions convert records into potential leads. Standardizing, cleansing, segmenting and collating chaotic customer records lying in your databases into targeted customer profiles, we make sure you are speaking to the right customer every time. Our intelligent customer databases compliment your sales pitches to give you a 60-70% reduction in call time and significantly improve closures.

We put intelligence into your data and back it with analytics to make sure you hit the bull’s eye. Robust, customized and interactive dashboards give you real time granular stats and visibility into performance and potential of each of your products.

Join the increasing number of companies that capitalize on sales opportunities that come with such predictive and customized intelligence.


Accurate Sales Forecasting

Data-driven predictive sales forecasts manage inventory, stock availability and production schedules.

Customized Customer Profiling

Accurate and focused customer profile help you hit the right audience and increase conversions.

Personalized & Effective Sales

Customer pattern analysis from sales data enhances personalization and product enhancements.

Real-time and Intuitive Reports

Interactive dashboards give you informed insights across sales operations for effective decision making.

Unleash the full potential of your sales data!

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Sales Forecasting & Reporting.

Analyze metrics like lead generation, sales pipeline, trends, team performance, etc. to predict revenues, costs and growth with sales forecasting.

Our service offerings include:

  • Sales dashboard: Visualize trends by prospects, regions, products, channel performance, etc. across all platforms.
  • Custom reports: Get drill down templates with filtering, calculating, sorting and ranking features for different scenarios and what if analysis.
  • Understand demand drivers: Deploy residual regression analysis to determine core factors that drive demand beyond seasonal changes.
  • Choose optimization parameters: Select the best-fit such as profitability, overtime or customer service availability based on needs.
  • Sales forecasting: Combine ML and time series algorithmic data to generate ready-to-use forecasts for better visibility of sales patterns.
  • Forecast accuracy and optimization: Use historical sales patterns in context of sales, demographics, behavior, pricing, promotions, etc.
  • KPIs reporting: Create intuitive dashboards and reports to analyze KPIs and detect misalignments or deviation from expected values or targets.

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Thanks for the brilliant job you have done in integrating data from so many sources and creating intuitive and visually attractive dashboards. Every report or data that we want is now just a click away.

– Director of Sales, Asian Automotive Gear Manufacturer

Satisfied Customers.

80% recurring clients and partnerships with industry leaders reflect our commitment to customers – their growth, their satisfaction.

3,100+ Satisfied Clients
50+ Countries Served
5,000+ Projects Completed
1,000+ Professionals

Service Leadership.

Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal represents Hitech in North America, and helps client and home teams collaborate effectively on projects and partnership initiatives.

Milind Patel

Milind heads the Engineering Consulting division. He focuses on continuous process improvements, team development, and smooth delivery on client KPIs.

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