Supplier performance and tracking solution provides real time visibility across value chain improves sourcing quality, vendor evaluation and spend analysis for USA based fundraising company.

Procurement Management

Supplier management solution provides real-time visibility across value chain and improves sourcing quality, vendor evaluation and spend analysis for USA-based fundraising company.

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Service Overview.

Besides significant investments in machinery and equipment, manufacturers spend heavily on raw materials and other consumables. Legacy procurement processes adversely impact quality, timely deliveries, costs and supply chain continuity in a big way- bringing down production efficiencies.

Our smart procurement solutions offer real time visibility into your sourcing processes by integrating data points from across every function in your supply chain. Analytical insights into these data points such as delivery schedules, costs, vendor quality, vendor profile, inventory availability, etc. help you significantly improve your sourcing quality which translate to lesser scrap, fewer returns and enhanced efficiencies. An accurate view into key sourcing metrics such as pricing patterns, category-wise expenditure, vendor performance data, how vendors compare with others and internally for different materials etc. drive competent contracting decisions.

We deploy digital workflows to allow you to validate invoices against purchase orders as well as prioritize and categorize invoices to maintain optimal cash flow.

So whether you are reviewing complex vendor contracts, issuing purchase requests, approving invoices, analyzing supplier performance, optimizing spends or building a strong cash flow, our intelligent procurement solutions have you covered.


Enhance Sourcing Quality

Granular insights into supplier capabilities to enable informed, transparent and objective decisions to drive higher quality at optimized costs.

Evaluate Supplier Performance

Track and assess vendor performance against pre-defined metrics and historic data to drive continuous improvement in vendor deliverables.

Real-time Visibility across Value Chain

Get a 360 degree procurement view along with actionable insights and drilled down reports through intuitive dashboards on processes across value chain.

Agile Spend Management

Evaluate spend data across functions like planning, supplier & inventory management and sourcing to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Improve your sourcing quality. Smartly.

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Supplier Performance Management.

Drive continuous quality, shorter cycle times and lower costs by tracking supplier’s capabilities, inventory and workforce.

Our service offerings include:

  • Manage and retrieve all contracts through a centralized contract repository using AI and advanced analytics.
  • Get an extensive view of individual obligations and service levels while enabling a smooth buyer-supplier alignment.
  • Define and track supplier metrics based on order fill rate, lead-time variance, ordered vs. received units, delivery accuracy etc.
  • Rule-based validation of performance against mutually agreed SLAs, contracts and KPIs for real time insights into supplier performance.
  • Get detailed reports through dashboards on available raw materials, in progress goods, defects, and upcoming product requirements.
  • Integrate all supplier management areas such as invoices, contracts, communication, performance etc. onto a single platform.
  • Automated workflows backed by human intelligence to reconcile supplier invoices with purchase orders and contractual obligations.

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Invoice Processing.

Add agility, speed, and accuracy to your invoice processes. Improve visibility into spend commitments.

Our service offerings help you:

  • Digitize capture of structured and unstructured invoice data to automate accounts payable data entry.
  • Reconcile incoming invoices with purchase orders using scripts and macros.
  • Index and classify invoices according to vendor type and name, invoice number, date, amount etc. for easy payment processing and retrieval.
  • Extract line and header item data like date, vendor ID, codes, values, IDs, amounts etc. using macros.
  • Prioritize invoices for payments using rules-driven algorithms.
  • Integrate invoice data into ERP systems, such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Exact to keep track and store transactional invoices data.
  • Automatically route invoices to approvers using digital workflows.
  • Robust dashboards and advanced reporting systems for end-to-end visibility of the invoice process, from reception to payment.
  • Customized reports to assess performance metrics like time to payment, time to invoice approval, workload per employee etc.

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Considering how big the project is, how flexible Hitech has been with dealing with aspects beyond your scope, the extra efforts made to check, improve and ensure quality. I think the job has been really outstanding.

– Projects Team Leader, Document Processing Company, Belgium

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