Vortex detection in pump sump for a water reservoir

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Vortex detection in pump sump for a water reservoir

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Client Profile

Civil infrastructure developer, India
Industry: Construction industry


The client, a contracting public sector company, was involved in constructing dams and reservoirs. They were facing a challenge in determining vortex formation at the sump and its effect on the pump functioning for which they approached Hitech engineers, who helped them validate the designs and deliver the effects of the inlet water flow.

Vortex detection in Pump Sump

Business Needs.


Hitech’s Solution.

Hitech project engineers developed CFD mesh models from the provided CAD models of the reservoir as well as the pumps and simulated the flow with vortex to study the effect on pump’s operational safety. Based on these CFD technique study, the client was enabled to take necessary design alterations in reservoir near pump inlet for efficient usage of pumps.



Client Speaks.

Our engineers were too much occupied with interdisciplinary activities and bought-out parts but with the support from Hitech CFD team, our engineers could not only manage their tasks but also take well-informed decisions for design optimization and safe operations.


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