Structural strength assessment of UPS battery rack subjected to seismic loading

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Structural strength assessment of UPS battery rack subjected to seismic loading

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Client Profile

Engineering consultancy, U.K.
Industry: Energy – Electrical Equipment


It was required that the ready-designs of battery racks were to be validated so that they can carry sufficient number of batteries and at the same time bear seismic loading caused. Structural strength of the racks was examined by Hitech FEA specialists using ANSYS Professional NLS 17.0 and inbuilt macros of APDL to optimize the design prior to actual fabrication.

Business Needs.

  • Determine seismic response during earthquake of the structure of battery rack.
  • Predict overall structural strength to check the resistance to deformation.
  • Optimize the designs and hence the strength of rack to withstand static & dynamic loading.


  • Accurately predict the structural behavior of the racks under the influence of seismic load.
  • Determine first natural frequency of the rack structure.
  • Keep test trials cost-effective to avoid increase in final development cost.
  • Develop optimized rack design to withstand seismic and static loads without failure.
Structural strength assessment of UPS battery

Hitech’s Solution.

Client provided the inputs for designing CAD model of the storage rack with specification of dimensions and intended use. FEA specialists developed FE models and simulated the static as well as dynamic loading for battery weight and seismic loading respectively using ANSYS and inbuilt macros in APDL. Critical regions were identified which were subjected to stresses which helped in design optimization and safe designs.



Client Speaks.

The advice to critical designed areas in the structural frame was predicted very accurately by the FEA specialists and it resulted in massive cost reduction of wrong fabrication at our end and we could optimize the designs for safety.


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