Non-premixed Combustion modeling of combustor using ANSYS Fluent

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Non-premixed Combustion modeling of combustor using ANSYS Fluent

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Jet engine designer & manufacturer, USA
Industry: Automotive Industry


A leading designer and manufacturer of jet engines had to validate the designs by studying the reacting flow by analyzing air-fuel mixture to attain optimum A-F ratio. Hitech CFD specialists simulated the flow patterns and combustion process using ANSYS Fluent to deliver the flow results and study outcomes for the manufacture in design modification – if need be.

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Hitech’s Solution.

Hitech engineers developed a 3D CAD model of the engine combustor using ANSYS Design Modeler and simulated the flow pattern with combustion gases using ANSYS Fluent leveraging energy, heat transfer and radiation model. The final results of simulation were delivered to the client for his needs of design optimization and impacts on engine efficiency



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Easygoing and cooperative CFD specialists who are ready to go that extra lengths and help us achieve our targets by putting in all their knowledge and efficient skills of design analysis and validation.


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