Developing concept to CAD design of an overhead structure for automobile manufacturing company, Germany

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Developing concept to CAD design of an overhead structure for automobile manufacturing company, Germany

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Client Profile

Leading automobile manufacturer, Germany
Industry: Automotive


Client is a well-known automobile manufacturer who had recently invested in new office setup in Germany without any defined design division and needed to install an overhead structure. Hitech project engineers teamed-up with the client to deliver rendered designs and detailed engineering drawings.

Business Needs.

  • Design and develop manufacturing ready, details from conceptual idea, for overhead structure used to display automobile.
  • Research for accessories such as LEDs and other equipment to make the structure more appealing.
  • Assessment of design suitability of overhead structure to allow fixtures such as brackets for television and ornamental products.


  • Overhanging structures add to the risk of stability, hence selecting appropriate material is critical.
  • Selecting appropriate dimensions and placing the fixtures as the additional mass will tend to shift center of mass tend and disturb the structural stability.
  • Explore aesthetics options in case of fixtures and LEDs from the end user’s perspective.
  • Aligning designs aesthetics with the availability of electronics at the site location – Germany.
  • Flexibility in design changes according to the requirements and suit the standards as well.
CAD Design of an Overheated Structure

Hitech’s Solution.

Hitech engineers delivered design support and assistance to the client right from initial concept inception through detailed technical drawings including material selection, geometry and appropriate dimensions. The project researched the electronic equipment available in the region and allowed the structural design to evolve. A final rendered model for easy design communication, and separate drawings were delivered to meet predefined quality bar.



Client Speaks.

We remember we didn’t have sufficient resources, and had unmanageable tasks on our hand; but with Hitech’s engineering teams having in-depth research qualities and technical skills. We accomplished our tasks satisfactorily with their design teams on our side.


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