Property Data Collection followed with Analytics to Assess the Publication Circulation

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Property Data Collection followed with Analytics to Assess the Publication Circulation

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Real Estate Data Research – Products, Information Services, Printed and Online Publications
Industry: Real Estate


Team of 300 plus real estate data specialists’ collected 10 Million records in 2 years, comprising of high complexity data fields such as Grantor / Grantee details(name(s), address(s)), Deed date/Record Date and many more from documents including Deeds, Mortgages, Assignments, Releases, Credit Documents, and Public notices. The data was then populated in a web based application/software through remote access to the data server.

Business Needs.

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The Challenges.

Hi-Tech’s Solution.

Business Benefit.

Property Data Collection and Analytics


Client increased marketing efforts with low circulation numbers, and also effectively redirected in-house teams to focus on this core function – effectively.

Client Speaks.

The team members at habile data are ultimate rock stars. They were highly professional, educated, experienced and thoroughly dedicated to help us attain success. One of the best teams we have worked with – highly innovative & responsive. From kick-off to project completion, they never missed a deadline and were always there to answer our questions and provide intelligent insights.

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