Page Layout Design for Commercial Book using Adobe InDesign

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Page Layout Design for Commercial Book using Adobe InDesign

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Publishing or Publishing & Printing, New York, USA
Industry: Publishing


Page layout design using Adobe InDesign to prepare a print ready copy for commercial publication.

The Solution.

Due to a stringent in-house quality check process, the pages were flawless and well formatted. As a result, the entire book data layout was finalized for pre-printing in record time.


Adobe InDesign, MS Word



Despite the delay in getting the initial approval, the project was completed and delivered as per the quality standards within the given deadline, and at a cheaper price as compared to market rates

Effective page layout, typesetting and formatting services are utilized to create a perfect page for a book, periodical, or a publication. Creating a great page layout is an art; a well formatted page not only appeals the reader and is easy on the eyes but also gives the publication a professional feel. This in- turn helps the publication gain confidence of its readers and hence a loyal client base. Publishers often outsource typesetting, formatting and page layout services to free themselves from managing an in-house team and worrying about infrastructure, retention of skilled manpower and so on.

One of the leading publications from New York, USA wanted to outsource Adobe InDesign page layout and formatting services. The client wanted to convert the books in Microsoft word format, into a ready to print format. It was extremely essential to set the entire page into a format that was approved by the client and to fast track the process to meet the given deadlines.

The Solution.

Hi-Tech InDesign team maintained excellent coordination with the client, at every stage. Initially, the team received a template with fonts and page size for final layout in Adobe InDesign. Further, samples were prepared and sent for approval. The team followed a systematic process of sampling, getting approvals, design iterations, quality check and page formatting as follows:

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