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Claims Processing, Healthcare Forms Conversion for US Based Medical Billing Firm – Ongoing Project

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Client Profile

Medical billing & follow up service provider, USA
Industry: Health Care


Setting up a process to interpret and enter data from claim form (UB-04 (CMS 1450) – HCFA 1490s – CMS (1500) – ADA Dental) in PDF format to a web based application.

The Challenges.

  • Client was operating form a number of autonomous regions, with more than 10,000 healthcare professionals working across more than 12 hospitals and 200 plus primary care centers.
  • Every individual; handling multitude of functions; but everything on paper.
  • In house process was going to prove very costly, slow and inefficient, with ultimate result in form of inefficient processes and less-than-optimal claims processing.
  • Knowledge transfer to in house team, to be at par with existing medical billing industry standards.
  • Ensuring smooth transition with bare minimum interruptions.
  • Bringing down the error rate considerably while maintaining optimum productivity levels.
  • Managing all above well within industry specific turnaround time.
Claims Processing

The Solution.

Ongoing process of handling 10,000 plus claim forms every month, using double keying methodology, ensuring high quality output.


Value Addition.

Keeping up with ever evolving technological demands, of our clients and for our clients, we consistently upgrade our systems, processes and skills of our employees; to ensure that our Online Data Entry solutions are the ones with latest technological adoptions to assist our clients to stay competitive.

Technology / Software

After comprehending client requirements, it was concluded that a web based application, would be used for interpreting & entering data from PDF forms.

Hi-Tech’s Solution.

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