Data Entry of Legal Notices from TIFF Images to MS Word for a Law Firm in USA

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Data Entry of Legal Notices from TIFF Images to MS Word for a Law Firm in USA

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Client Profile

One of the Leading Law Firms from USA
Industry: Legal


Keying in legal notices from TIFF images into client’s web based application to facilitate the search process in absence of OCR and linking it to appropriate database.

The Solution.

With help of double keying method setting up a process of keying in legal notice data, followed with appropriate tagging to link individual images to the database accurately.

Technology / Software.

Web based application provided by the client.


Upon keying the data from images; tagging, proofreading, auditing and online submission also was to be given utmost priority. While executing the entry of legal notices which were in TIFF format, zooming in for better readability produced poor quality imaging, leading to incorrect interpretation of details at times. As these were legal details; even the smallest of mistake would prove to be a lethal blow to client’s business.


Value Addition.

Minimum or absolutely no amount of development of the TIFF format, which lacked support for more advanced imaging features, making it not the ideal or adequate format for distributing converted documents – is no longer a challenge for the law firm.

The Solution.

Client selected data entry professionals from a team of experienced and focused online data entry specialists, proficient at understanding and interpreting legal terminologies.

For Keying in legal notice data from TIFF images with use of double keying method, the process in detail was defined, discussed and implemented as:

Upon submission, the content from each file is added in client’s online system accurately.

Status report in a regular fashion was shared after submitting the received files by the Project Manager to the client.

Our Work Process.

Data Entry of Legal Notices Process

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