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Revit Structure of a corporate building for a leading IT firm, India

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Client Profile

Leading precast building components manufacturer
Industry: Building Product Manufacturing


Detailed Structural BIM model in Revit (LOD 450) was required, which not only can generate shop drawings and bar bending schedules for all structural precast elements of the building, but a 3D model with all features to generate rebar detailing and helps in manufacturing precast concrete elements.

Business Needs.

  • Constructing the corporate building in 30% of the time that regular construction methods.
  • Shop drawings and bar bending schedules.
  • Rebar detailing to manufacture precast concrete elements.


  • Architectural drawings of inconsistent quality.
  • Missing details in the drawings.
Revit Structure of a Corporate Building

Hitech’s Solution.

18 structure modelers created LOD 450 Model in Revit of the building structure, using Cloud BIM 360 technology. Naviswork was used to detect and resolve clashes in the design phase, as later there could be no scope for resolving certain clashes onsite while using the Prefab technology.




Corporate building was constructed in 30% of time, as compared to regular construction methods

Client Speaks.

Dear Hitech, Your expedited service, accurate drawings and excellent customer service are greatly appreciated. With help of your model, we do material planning effectively, while saving wastage, costs & time. We look forward to working with you again in the near future. Sincerely,

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