Business Process Solutions

Business Process Management & Analytics

Do you seek to scale up and optimize your data acquisition, cleansing and management?

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Insights into your business performance

Business Process Solutions & Analytics

Are key insights into your business performance hidden in thousands of data sources?

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Increase effectiveness of your market

Business Process Solutions & Analytics

Are you struggling to increase the effectiveness of your market and business intelligence processes?

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Service Overview.

Hitech provides end-to-end data solutions and consulting services from data acquisition to analytics and insights for optimizing one or more functions. Our services transform your process management experience, enabling increased business agility through scalability and efficiency of operations, while allowing you to focus on high value work.

Our experience spans 25 years, more than 10,000 projects working for over 3,500 customers across sectors. We have acquired domain expertise in addressing the information discovery and data management needs of clients across marketing, e-commerce, retail and real estate. With capacities to process 10,000s of records a day or manage projects involving 200 million documents, we help you to improve services efficiency and enhance your core competencies.

Developing custom tools and automating processes to optimize workflow management, we have established a set of best practices for achieving high levels of quality and productivity. Our obsession with data security extends to strict adherence to data governance policies, which has led us to follow technical and compliance driven process controls.

Through an onshore-offshore model, we ensure seamless integration with your operations, working rigorously to help you achieve your business goals, and scaling up to expand your operations capacities. We focus on continuous process improvement to ensure economies of scale and speed of delivery, helping you increase your customers and bottom lines.

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Our Offerings.

Market Intelligence+

Hitech specializes in streamlining and scaling up your campaign management, product performance and customer growth activities through intelligence on markets, competitors and target sectors.

Image Intelligence+

Our services help you build machine learning models as well as uncover “visual insights” for identifying new product ideas, consumer emotions and new advertising strategies.

Social Media Insights+

Our social intelligence and analytics services go beyond tracking and monitoring data from structured and unstructured sources (text, images, audio-visual). We deliver insights for improving products, services, customer experience, and reputation management.

Data Visualization+

We enable you to acquire and leverage consumer insights to improve products, customer experience, brand health and sales performance through our data visualization solutions.

Data Cleansing+

We create, validate, update, enhance and enrich databases for e-businesses, digital marketing agencies and market research firms. We have strong expertize in data acquisition and data curation from text, image, audio-visual sources or sensors for use in advanced analytics or machine learning.

Data Entry, Processing+

We do end-to-end process management from digitizing repositories of data stored in scanned or paper files to processing and organizing the data. Our services give you quick and easy access to business critical information and allow you to focus on higher value work.

BPM Customers.

80% recurring clients and partnerships with industry leaders reflect our commitment to customers – their growth, their satisfaction.

3,100+ Satisfied Clients
50+ Countries Served
5,000+ Projects Completed
1,000+ Professionals

Case Studies.

Service Leadership.

Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal Bhambhani

Bachal represents Hitech in North America, and helps client and home teams collaborate effectively on projects and partnership initiatives.

Brett Pranham

Brett Parnham

Brett, Vice President for Europe, is based in London. He assists Hitech’s executive leadership team in reinforcing partnerships and in building long-term relationships with clients across the continent.

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